Thursday, July 9, 2009

reporting live from dublin!!!!!

WOOO! this blog is moving! well, i am. a few days ago got me a job and now moving myself . but even better. into a beautiful georgian flat in the middle of town. it is the best looking flat ive ever moved to! so so happy. could not be more happy. So in future will be reporting from the wonderful world of dublin!!!!
although i will be sad to leave all my friends and what feels like my limerick family behind. I have been so lucky to have such a wonderful support network of friends backing me this year. its made me so happy. i will be happy to welcome anyone to Dublin to come visit us and we will do our best to make everyone feel welcome (and drunk) in our home!
however as we get set up and organise broadband, it may mean that the blog might suffer a few technical problems but i am sure we will have everything set up asap. just bear with us!

here's to my new slightly scary grown up world!!!!

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  1. :( im really happy for you but im going to miss you :)


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