Thursday, August 21, 2014

AUGUST BEAUTY HAUL : Things I bought....I needed them right???

 I'm addicted to buying cosmetics. I have a serious problem. Although I have slowed down in recent months as I realised just how much I had, I still need to keep my kit ticking over with lots of bits and bobs. This is maintenance.....or rather my justification that its not THAT bad. Although, I know it is......Here is my August haul:

 The 168 brush from MAC. I collect brushes like most MUAs. This was one of the larger face brushes that I was missing. It's great for really soft contour and blush application although it does fan out quite large as it gets older.
 Humid Eyeshadow. I have a collection of palettes and I buy one color every few months to keep it topped up. Once my current palette is full, I won't be buying anymore palettes as I am struggling to use all of them. I am going to invest in the premade 15 palettes in both warm and cool over the next few weeks. After that, done. I swear. I had a shortage of greens though and have been meaning to buy humid for months. My next haul should include some silvers as I am very low on those too. I also need some pinks.
 Cleanse Off Oil. I have to have great make-up remover products because at the end of the day - I can't wait to get everything off my skin and let it breathe! COO is fantastic because the oil dissolves oil in the make-up and it just slides off. I then use my toner to remove it off the skin. I don't really know how I lived without this  one. If your a bit wary of the oily texture of it then try Lush as they have the Ultra bland cleanser which is a cream version of this. It works brilliantly to remove any make-up quickly. MAC also do a Cleanse Off Oil Tranquil which is more suitable for sensitive skins.

I have an Origins problem. I'm obsessive with their products. This is almost like a balm that you pop over clean skin and sleep in. It smells divine. I've only used it last night for the first time but it was enough to see how much softer my skin was this morning. I love it. I have dehydrated skin and this really helps.
Origins Ginger Hand Cleanser. Smell it. It's worth it. I need really good hand cleaning products as I spend all day touching skin and then coming home and cooking, eating, etc. I have washed my hands after work before and found them to be far filthier then I ever thought. There is always some form of eyeshadow or foundation on them and I'm normally covered in it. This is worth it and while not something I have bought before, I'm definately going to keep on with this one.

I have already planned next month - I am going to sort out my feet which are awful, I need a good body buffing wash for the shower so I am thinking Soap and Glory then I also need some decent hair oil. Sad but I never stop. I long for a shower room where I can have all of these goodies lined up where I can see them. I really do.

Sunday, August 17, 2014


 Ah I love the winter look books. I don't really do summer. It's too much pastel and sweating for my tastes.....

So I love seeing all the new and exciting things I can fill my wardrobe with. We have had the fresh faces of Primark frolicking in a field, the moody sober of Topshop who were also in a field and the Cara overload that was the second load of Topshop images. Now, it's Zara's turn to wow us. The collection seems a tale of two women - the fresh faced young teenagers who hang out in locker rooms looking moody in sports gear and the alternative woman who loves a different cut of clothing. We are talking the alternative kimono, obi belts and sharp tailoring.

Can you guess which one I prefer?

 Which ones do you prefer?

Drama free and heavy lifting.....

I learn from the best.

It was recently pointed out to me that I have the entire counter of Boots in my handbag. As a MUA, I don't carry make-up. I have one black eyeliner, chapstick and a nude lippy for emergancies but nothing more then that.

I do however carry, tampons, anti allergy meds, deodrant, headache pills, nurofen, plasters, hand santiser, meds for stomach upsets and tablets to ease IBS. Which makes me a good woman to know if you are having a lady emergency and need all of those things!

I did contemplate a sewing kit for a while but I thought that might be a bit useless. Well, I say useless but then I am the woman who ripped her new black dress recently and could have used one!

Does anyone else carry all this drama preventing gear in their bag?

How kimonos made a hell of a profit for New Look

A few weeks ago, I posted about the hot street trends for this summer. I called the items as being a kimono, jelly sandals and short shorts. I then caught an article in the Metro and the Guardian newspaper (of all places) declaring the Kimono the hit item of the summer.

In fact, New Look have released figures of their sales of kimonos. They reckon they sold 40,000  every week! This has boosted profits of the store by 9% in the past quarter. This is in comparison to the 2.2% increase the previous year!

This does have a downside though. Although profits are up, the chain plans to close two branches this year in the UK alone with plans to reduce sizes by a possible 15 loss making stores in the next year or two.

I have two. I love them both. One winter and one summer one.

WHAT I WORE TODAY : Wild mane and dark eyes

 I have been trying to come up with different ways of wearing my eye shadows lately because I felt I was getting into a rut. I used the three step - light, medium, dark move a lot and it was starting to get dull. So I'm block coloring at the minute to create an all over eye color. I've been using Bobbi Brown shadows to get the effect. This is Forest - a dark brown with a little bit of a gold edge in there. I put down my primer then buff the product with a fluffy brush all over before smoking it out and under my eye. I've mixed under my eye with a dark brown liner from MAC called Stubborn Brown. I am also avoiding top liner.

My eyebrows are as always, Dirty Blonde gel by MAC.

My hair seemed a bit wild this morning so I just topped it up with sprays to get the tangled wild effect. Note to self, never spray Bumble and Bumble surf spray in your eyes - it hurts like hell. This is also why my eyes seem blood shot in the photo.
Septum update : So the septum is a week old. I'm still obsessively checking it for keloids after one caused the death of it the last time. It seems to be going well. The swelling has completely gone down now. I'm still salt water bathing it but I've calmed down and reduced how often I'm doing it. I am not doing anywhere near the amount I was last time either so its nice and settled. I can't wait until its a little bit more chilled out and less likely to scar. The parents are going to see it for the first time tomorrow so yeah, that will go down well.....

The hot new strange ingredients in beauty products and why should we use them?

This is a bit gross.

I've written before about the wonderful and weird things that exist in the beauty world. I've also (in the name of science) tried a few of them in order to write wonderful things for you. This includes moisturisers with whale sperm in it. Surprisingly, that actually worked. Oh and there was the sheep placenta hair products as well.  That was a bit gross

I am going to not be trying this one.

Introducing the latest in Japanese strange beauty products - collagen chicken skewer pops.

I am not messing here. This is a real actual thing.

Frozen inside a chicken skewer is a block of collagen. You know, so you can enjoy frozen cooked chicken AND de-age yourself by ten years while you do so.

This comes after my interest in trying a new product that includes, chemical 'fake' snake venom and, erm, bee stings.

Nip Fab who have recently teamed up with Millie Mackentosh.....nope, I have no idea what one of those is either. Some form of The only way is Essex via being made in Chelsea things that reality TV invents and I ignore. So yeah, don't let that put you off.

But the brand make some interesting products that I am DYING to try.

This includes, bee stings in a moisturiser. Apparently the ingredient tricks the skin into thinking it has been stung so it plumps up. This has a whole range of products such as body creams, eye creams and masks.
Then there is the snake venom.

This isn't a new thing. It's been the expensive product loving woman's secret weapon for years. This is the first time I have seen a high street priced product harvesting the ingredient so we can all have a go.

Okay so this product which comes in a night cream and an anti wrinkle cream has an ingredient called  syn®-ake: in it. So it sounds like a snake product right? A quick google will inform you what it actually is - It's a chemical that is designed to act like botox by freezing the muscles in your face in a much more natural form then botox. Oh and less long lasting as well. It mimics the reaction of the skin to a temple viper. Which, freezes the skin and plumps up wrinkles. Apparently Kate Moss is a fan as is Victoria Beckham. The effects are meant to be dramatic too. 
Just incase anyone was wondering what a temple viper looks like......he is not one to be messed with. Native to South Asia this guy is not one to be messed with. Oh and when they breed, a litter can produce from 15 -41 baby snakes in one go. This is the reason I will not be going to Malaysia anytime soon. 
While I am going to leave the hardcore wrinkle creams for another while yet, I do really want the overnight cream which should set me back about £19.99 for a jar. I'm going to invest, then report back to you once I see results which apparently should take 28 days.......

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tarte Cosmetics primers look interesting

 During my trip to New York, I came across Tarte Cosmetics. I didn't buy any because I got distracted by all the brushes in Sephora and therefore came home with useless brushes that I don't use. I wish these primers had been available when I was there because there is a serious rave/love thing going on with Tarte blushers.

I haven't tried the line so this isn't a review, more an observation that while I HATE primers with a passion, these are interesting me. Also, this is their limited edition palette for next season as well. So if you live near a Sephora, this is coming!
 I don't know if it is just me and my super pale skin but the light CC primer actually looks too dark for me. I don't know why. If they did an extra light, I would be all over that. However, I just don't trust how dark it looks in the picture!
anyone tried this? (also i can now see in the photo that they do a lighter then light version. On it)

REVIEW : Barry M Mint Green Nail Varnish

I recently decided to try Barry M nail varnishes again.

This wasn't really a decision, more Boots had stopped selling Models Own and I fancied a new color! I picked up 304 Mint Green and a bright blue. While I have had no real issues with the bright blue, the mint green has given me all sorts of grief!

First off, it takes about sixteen million (possibly less) coats to get it to the green shade of the bottle. It dries in streaky pastel see through shades so layering to get a solid color is a must. It also takes an AGE to dry. Oh and when it is dry, its not really dry so it comes off everywhere leaving nasty marks on the nails and also green varnish on everything.

I'm not really impressed. I've bought Models Own for ages now and I think it might be time to accept that I love the formula a bit too much to change from it. Every time I try a new nail varnish, it leaves me bitterly let down and meh. I do like Nails Inc though!

I added yet another load of coats to the varnish after yesterdays day at work left me with almost no varnish on one nail and another with serious marks on it. The last time I tried Barry M, I got the same shade with a textured finish that absorbed food! I went through this weird phase of eating tomato soup for lunch all the time and it left weird red-ish stains all over my nails!

Although in general, I hate texture finishes on varnishes!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Victoria Beckham to auction off clothing for charity

Victoria Beckham has announced that she will auction off 600 items from her personal wardrobe for Mothers2Mothers. A charity that focuses on preventing mother to child transmission of HIV/AIDS.

The auction will take place on the 20th of August with clothes ranging from the spice girl days to today. There is meant to be some McQueen in there too guys so get registered on the FAST.

You can find it - here

NARS release 40 new shades of lipstick

NARS have also got a new release for us this winter - 40 new shades of new formula lipstick which are due to hit stores in autumn. Excited!

I haven't tried NARS lipsticks but if they are anything like their eyeshadows which are insanely good - then yes. Yes to all of it! That front row dark red (second in on the right) is all mine. I need that in my life IMMEDIATELY!

Urban Decay release another Naked palette

A new Naked palette by Urban Decay is coming......It also comes with a claim that these are totally new shades. I don't know if its just me, as I will need to see this in person, but at least three of those shades look like shades I have had before from UD.

I'm holding the judgement until then

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Chickening out of shoes......

Well this sucks.

My recent chickening out of buying some MASSIVE Jeffery Campbells with huge spiked heels and my older attempt at walking in mild heels has made me realise that the era of me in huge shoes is over.

I used to have no fear. Heel size was not a problem for me as I frequently bought the larger platform or unusual wedges. I walked to college in heels, ran in heels and danced in stripper shoes at parties. I was fearless.

Then I got hit by a car. As you do. I was told that the damage to my foot could have been way worse if I was wearing heels or strappy sandals. I was wearing thick leather boots which had actual holes torn out of them and the sole ripped off in places. I could see how that could have been my foot and not the shoe. Breaking my knee and shattering my pelvis meant I now needed to spend a lot of time in flat shoes. In fact, I still remember walking to the pub for the first time since in heels and needing my boyfriend to almost carry me. I couldn't walk in them. These were nothing compared to my larger shoes either but smallish plain black shoes. I was shaky and uncomfortable and had to admit. Nope.

I had started switching to ankle boots on my night outs anyway. I always favor a boot anyway for day but now it was starting to be my night footwear too. I noticed I had more freedom and I, at 6ft tall, was not towering over people anymore. So boots it was. Also, I started having a longer walk home at night which meant boots were the right choice.

I've now gotten to the point where buying a shoe with a mild heel scares me. I can't do it. I just can't. I also know, that I still have a fractured pelvis and one fall is enough to put me out of work for a few weeks. I recently moved awkwardly while standing on a bus and paid the price of that for four weeks after. It needs surgery but I can't afford to take time off college and work at the moment. So I keep going......

.......I still like looking at Campbells and imagining what might have been......

we made a sushi dinner!

 Myself and Lisa made an assortment of sushi on Tuesday night. I like making sushi with Lisa as we have time and effort to spare so its made properly. I, on the other hand, make it really quick when it is just for me. There is no point in anything fancy!

I used to eat sushi for dinner every night which meant finding a way to make it in 15 minutes which allowed me to sit down and go to sleep as soon as possible. So it's nice to make it with more time and professional tools.

BEHIND THE SCENES : My most recent shoot

 I thought I would post some pictures of my last freelance! I worked with model Lilly and Forecast Designs to create something a little gothy, a little strange and a lot of fun! I've worked with Forecast and Lilly before so this was a really good laugh. Although the brief was, there wasn't really one! I decided to use photos of Lorde as an inspiration and dip dyed my model's fingers with paint! The paint was MAC's paint sticks which I am addicted to. I have about five or six different colors and they create stunning effects at shoots. I wish I had thought to make the paint a bit more airbrushed but I suppose for an airbrush effect, I would actually need an airbrush!

The face was created using the paint sticks as well as black eyeshadows. I used MAC's Full Coverage to get the flawless base before painting over it. I love full coverage but as its difficult to get hold of, I only have my own shade in it. Luckily, Lilly is the same shade as me so that worked out well!

 We were shooting in a forest so my kit got a bit dirty! I also brought my floral headband as well but didn't use it. You can see my mini pots of foundation and palettes mainly!
 Attempting to balance on the side of a slope! I'll post the better (professional) photos once I have them so you can see my finished work.

LOOK BOOKS : Topshop AW14

 Behold! More bits from the Topshop look book for AW14. Enjoy kids!

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