Thursday, July 17, 2014

I bought new boots

 I bought some new boots! However when I went to photograph them, a shower of glitter appeared in the photo!

I thought this was kinda cute. Anyway, the boots were £90 in River Island down to £40 in the sale so I had to have them.

I seem to have a thing for cowboy style boots lately. These are a small ankle boot with leather and suede straps and fringing around them. LOVE IT.


Monday, July 14, 2014

I finally dyed my hair orange. Finally.

 I decided to bite the bullet and dye the hair. I am contemplating orange at the minute so I did the tips first. I do it this way because I have no idea how the dye is going to react when I do an entire head. I do the tips first then wash them and check how it fades.

I am glad I did it like this because, I was shocked at just how much dye came pouring out of the hair on its first wash. In fact, my hair is not orange but peach now. I don't mind it but its not the vibrant orange color I wanted.
 Gutted. I used Directions Apricot to do it. I might look into a better dye then that.
What do we think? full head or tips?

Friday, July 11, 2014

True Rocks : Quirky jewelry

I am a massive fan of quirky jewelry.

I was interested to receive an email telling me all abut the new line from True Rocks. A collaboration between Emily Bradley and British artists such as Polly Morgan and Dawn Hindle. Interestingly, Dawn Hindle is the creative director and founder of Ibiza Rocks.

So Emily and Dawn have created some really quirky pieces which reflect their interest in fashion, art and music. I LOVE the rich tea biscuit necklace by artist Gavin Turk which is beyond cute. Apparently Idris Elba bought the first rich tea necklace before Lilly Allen and Haim were spotted in various True Rocks pieces. Emily and Dawn met last summer (in Ibiza naturally) and started the brand,

"It was a meeting of the minds. We knew that we were going to work together creatively and decided that we wanted to also collaborate with those who inspire us in contemporary art, fashion and music. By creating a jewellery collection under the banner of True Rocks, this reflects both our personalities – in other words, a jewellery collection with attitude”.

 You can find True Rocks here

Alexander Wang for H&M reveal images

The first of the promo images from Alexander Wang X H&M are out. They reveal nothing much of the line at all. Bar boxing gloves on a keyring. Fantastic.

The collection launches on the 6th of November so hopefully, we will start getting images soon!

Men are sporting flowery beards now. This is a thing.

 You know those flower crowns that girls have? Well, this is the male version - flower beards. This has been popping up on various forms of social media lately apparently - I wouldn't know. I am not 'down with kids' these days.

This is the issue with doing a PhD, you are so focused on research that things like flower beards pass you by. This ends here.

Still though, they are almost pretty in a weird way....

American Apparel rehire Dov Charney

American Apparel have given Dov Charney a job. Apparently he is a strategic consultant. Whatever that is. Either way, it's a cop out.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

MAC release travel sized make-up and skincare!

 In a stroke of pure genius - MAC have released their best selling pigments, lipglasses and mascaras in travel sizes! Hurrah!

They have been doing skincare for a while now but they recently released an entire range of travel sized make-up to go with it!

All skincare and make-up is also priced at £10 so incredibly reasonable!
 It's a great way to introduce a new color to your routine without breaking the bank. Also as a make-up artist who likes to leave something behind for the bridal parties, it is a great way of leaving small gifts as well so the bride can touch up her make-up during the day!

Nice one!
Not to mention how handy the travel skincare is. I LIVED on MAC wipes while in New York. In fact, I now buy them at full size because of this. Bad move Penny! Get hooked on the expensive wipes!

But yeah, all travel sized minis are good to go!

River Island tie dye dress

I love this!

Its a tie dye dress from River Island. With cut out sleeves too! WANT IT. It is only £25 as well. Bargain! I see this with black leggings and an epic black hat.

Fleetwood Mac on sale in Urban Outfitters!

I'm a massive fan of Fleetwood Mac.

I am planing on buying this vinyl copy of one of their best albums ever - Rumors. Incase anyone is as besotted as I am, it's on sale for £20 in Urban Outfitters at the minute.

WORK FACE : Getting the Blues....

 I took this photo and for some reason - there is a large black dot on my eyeball! I just noticed this now. I decided to leave it up here because it is just beyond weird!!! I look like there is something seriously wrong with my eye! I can assure you, there isn't.

So today is the turn of the blues! I was orange yesterday so today is about my enemy - blue eyeshadow. As a fair person, I find it difficult to wear blue because it brings out the tones of purple in my horrible eye circles.
 However I really like this. It's made using the following : Clearwater paint pot from MAC, Freshwater eyeshadow from MAC, Midnight from Bobbi Brown in the crease of the eye. I also used a black gel liner with false lash mascara from MAC. The eyebrows are Dirty Blonde gel from MAC.

Foundation today is Skin Base by Illamasqua. I'm giving it another go for arguements sake. I hope it lasts! I've teamed this with a limited edition blusher from MAC and a skinfinish. Oh and Viva Glam 2 from MAC on the lips.

Sorry about the long list of MAC products but, this is just how I roll!
I've been struggling to avoid my usual hair do of scraped back ponytail as well. So this is something different - two braids! I am not sure if it looks okay as its very messy but I like it! It gets the hair back off my face so I'm a fan of that.

Bitching and Junkfood are having a summer sale! YES!

You can't argue with this!

I love Bitching and Junkfood! So I'm delighted they are having a sale. My only hope is that they continue having a sale until I get paid and I can organise purchasing.....this....
It has been reduced from £99 to £69.50 in the sale! Bargain!

You can find it here

MONEY FOR MAGAZINES AND SHIT FOR FREE : Glamour magazine and clinique make-up giveaway!

Glamor are going for it with their August Clinique give away!

Every year there are collaborations with Glamour that make buying a magazine and not googling everything worth it. These are the Nails Inc, Clinique and occasional Benefit give aways!

This year its the turn of the make-up to get the Clinique treatment with free chubby sticks, mascara and moisturiser! I already use that moisturiser and I can confirm - its good. Very good. I'll be hoping for a bit of mascara myself.

Not bad huh?

SNEAKY : A look at the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction collection

This has just been released by Urban Decay! A Pulp Fiction collection complete with palette!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

LOOK BOOKS : Primark AW14

 Joyfully, its that time of the year again when the AW lookbooks start to come flooding in. I've got Primarks new one and its nice. I find it a little bit more summery then normal but hey, lets forget the misery of winter as long as we can!

It appears to be a collection which is filled with 90's grunge attire and layering galore. I'm not complaining - 90s grunge is my usual attire anyway. Well, that and goth. I have identified a few different pieces that I like - for example those long grey boots are a must. However, there is a part of me looking into faux fur as well. I warn you now - River Island are FULL of faux fur this coming season as well and as soon as I can, I will release photos.

Oh and the more oversized, the better!

What do we think?

WORKFACE: Orange eyes

 This morning I am wearing one of my favorite color combinations - orange and gold. People never believe me when I say that neon orange eyeshadow can look more subtle then you give it credit for! My eyes are not overly orange as I tone it down using browns. I have used a loose gold shadow from MAC, Orange eyeshadow from MAC before layering Mulch from MAC over the top and adding a darker brown, Black Plum from Bobbi Brown into the crease. You can add black liner and brown if you want to. I've added brown pencil underneath and also black liner.
As usual, my brows are done using MAC's new gel waterproof brows. I use Dirty Blonde. I love it. I actually love it. No matter how hot and disgusting I get - they are sweat proof and waterproof! I've also added my usual dot under the eye as well. I don't really know when this started but, I seem to do it all the time now.

I use a black liner marker for that.

Monday, July 7, 2014

OPINION : Gay Marriage and why knowing our activist and political history is important

Despite being predominately a fashion and beauty blog, I think we have covered some pretty heavy topics here. We talk a lot about feminism, ethical shopping and discuss various hardcore topics.

I came across this today from a friend on facebook and it really got me thinking. This site, as it is run by an LGBT person, is LGBT friendly and focused. I have written and promoted a lot of things which are connected to the scene and what is going on around Dublin.

I've been watching a lot of Ru Paul lately as well and it's really got me thinking about it. There wasn't always the freedom for LGBT persons to be so out and in the public eye. It really has been a struggle over years to get that freedom and even now, there are still areas in which we are not totally accepted. Many countries have strong penalties, imprisonment and death penalties for being out and there is also the fact that many countries STILL do not allow gay marriage which is a statement against equality in my eyes.

We are facing into a historical moment for LGBT persons in Ireland at the minute. The government has announced we will finally get the moment for a referendum on gay marriage in Ireland. A moment which will change the lives of gay couples and also singles across the country. I have always said, as a bisexual woman, I will not get married in Ireland until everyone has the right to do it. I, as a, Bi woman can fall in love and marry a man there but cannot fall in love and marry a woman. Who says that my relationship with a woman is worth any less the relationship with the man? It's a statement by our government which says, hey, it's not a real relationship and we don't recognise you guys as being an equal person and we wont protect you by law. Civil partnership goes halfway and doesn't provide full legal protection and equal status. Until everyone is equal and everyone has the right to get married then I wont be marrying either man or woman in my own country. Which is a shame because my mother needs an excuse to buy a new hat.

She might get it yet because 73% of the population are said to be in favor of gay marriage in Ireland.

England passed last year and it was great. There are certain states in America that will and wont. So England will accept me but Ireland wont? Great.We have had positive moments in Ireland concerning gay history and gay rights - after all, homosexuality was decriminalised in 1993. Yeah, it took until 1993 for that to happen. To put that into context a little, it was the 1960s for the UK. We were a small bit behind on that one. The community fought since the 1970s on that change and two words about that - David Norris. Enough said. 

Anyway, this rant about LGBT issues has a purpose. We would do well to remember and acknowledge, as a community, things like Paris is Burning and Stonewall. Stonewall was when the LGBT community members in a bar fought back against the police who would enter the bar to beat up and extort gay customers. A riot ensued and it became a defining moment in LGBT history. (read more about it here)

Paris is burning is a documentary about the drag balls (on which Drag Race is based) in New York which showed a lot of heart and history of the movement. Catagory is? Executive Realness hunny!

There are so many different LGBT moments both past and in our lifetimes that serve to add to our history. I will hopefully be proud when Ireland makes the decision to allow gay marriage. In fact, I plan to go back home for it. I want to be there. I've taken part in Noise rallies to protest the lack of gay marriage in the past when I lived in Dublin and I really want to be there.

So, what was meant to be a massive rant about LGBT history has actually become quite long and filled with activist speech! oooops! Oh well, we are here now, we might as well continue!

The photos from the 'The Gay Essay' which can be seen in more detail here, is what started this off! hahahahha! The photos capture the era following the Stonewall Riots in 1969. Take a second to have a look, its worth it. Then download Paris is Burning and watch that. Knowing our history is about appreciating how far we have come and also, the freedom that we now have to be ourselves and let our freak flags fly!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

THE SHORTS DIARY : Making a promise to wear shorts.

I talk a lot about women being proud of their bodies on this site.

I do it because I really believe we need to be and there is a need for women to stand up against the bullshit that exists out there. However, there is one issue with this. I find it hard to get my own body out.

Having suffered from an eating disorder for a long time in my teens and early twenties, I've come to a place where I am happy with how I look and my back fat rolls. Fuck it. I wasted too much time in my life worrying about my cellulite and weird looking rolls. Now, I am just happy with it. I would be lying if I said that certain photos didn't make me feel those angry thoughts about my upper arms or that I was completely happy with how my thighs are. But I've learned to silence it.....relatively.

There is one issue. My legs.

I have large thighs, cellulite and other things wrong with them. However my biggest issue? Scars. I have really really visible scarring on my knees. I hate it. There is nothing I can do and I refuse to wear cover up make-up on my knee area. I don't tan and I will not use fake tan either.

This hasn't been an issue....until I moved to the UK.

They have real summers here. It's hot. I mean awkward sticky levels of bleurgh hot. I am DYING to wear shorts because, quite frankly, I need to.

I have managed in the past but jesus, I can't now.

I am having to bite the bullet and contemplate my enemy - shorts.

I don't give a shit about my fat or my rolls. I really don't. Its the scars that get me. I never forget the first time someone really commented on them. I mean more then the usual side remarks from relatives and friends who were trying to be nice about it. I was 13, which is the age where you get awkward. Real awkward. I was wearing my school uniform which consisted of a skirt with ankle socks. A boy commented. AN ACTUAL BOY! I NEVER spoke to boys!

'What the fuck is wrong with your legs?"

I nearly died. After that, I covered up with tights and long socks and trousers. I got so used to wearing them that I never really got my legs out with skirts or shorts ever again. It was just the way I was. I have had (over the years) all manner of suggestions about wearing make-up on the scars, wearing tan or going on sunbeds - NEVER gonna happen people.

This summer marks the end of this because I am going to have to get over it. I need shorts. I don't want hot pants or silly ones. I just want comfortable baggy denim shorts.

I will buy a pair as soon as I get paid and wear them with pride. I am however going to document my shorts journey because, it has taken me almost seventeen years to do it.


Right. The shorts diary has now become a thing.

My hope is to practise what I preach and encourage others with scars, weird bits, odd marks and bruises to not feel ashamed of what their legs look like. If I am hot, then I am hot - its bloody hot out there people. I am going to wear my shorts with pride.

However first I have to find a pair that will allow me some dignity and not to have my bum cheeks hang out. I do not get why the high street have to have bum cheeks out. My cheeks are quite happy staying indoors thank you. Any suggestions people?

American Apparel force to apologise after using space shuttle disaster image to celebrate 4th of July

Since we are on the topic of offending people this morning. I know it wouldn't be right to speak of all these things without discussing, American Apparel.

AA were forced to apologise yesterday after all, so there is actually a reason for discussing them!

The company had to apologise over this image :

The company released this image in celebration (over twitter) of the 4th of July. The problem with this is that it isn't just an image of clouds. It's an image of the challenger space shuttle exploding. An incident which happened in 1986 that claimed the lives of all seven people on board.

The reason for this?

The person who posted it was born after 1986 and didn't understand the image. Apparently.

Here is the apology :

“We deeply apologize for today’s Tumblr post of the Space Shuttle Challenger. The image was re-blogged in error by one of our international social media employees who was born after the tragedy and was unaware of the event," the company said. "We sincerely regret the insensitivity of that selection and the post has been deleted.”

Good lord guys!

I was discussing bad social media moves yesterday in relation to the Black Milk incident where the company posted an image mocking a plus sized lady which didn't go down to well with, well, anyone who read it. The company then panicked when the commentary started flying and deleted a load of their original members. While I do believe it was an 'oversight' which was handled badly. This AA incident is just another in a long line of 'oversights'.

Now, no more offense this morning please!

How wearing naked nails made me feel uneasy

I am trying a new thing.

I don't normally wear girl shades of nail varnish. In fact, I'm finding this one quite.....different. This is Skin by MAC.

I challenged myself to wear shades of color in various forms of make-up that I do not normally go in for. This was to make a change from wearing shades of neon and bright colors. It's been hard. I keep looking at my nails thinking, they seem naked. Real naked.

The nudest color I had done before this was a beige shade from Models Own which I love. But it's still a beige taupe color.

*Side note : I read a Guardian article recently that stated that men do not understand certain words due to gender conditioning which happens from a young age. I decided, this didn't sit well with me. I read through the 'female' words which I understood all of. Then I read through the 'male' words which I didn't understand - at all. I really had hoped I would just to prove society wrong. I then decided to ask my partner what taupe was. He had no idea.

It isn't that obscure a word is it????

Shield apologises for using an eating disorder to sell, whatever it is they sell.

On the subject this morning of apologies.

Shield (nope, me neither) have been forced to apologize for this beauty of an image promoting their new line.

How the hell does anyone release this as an image and expect no one to get over excited about it?????? Eating disorders are an actual thing and pretty damn serious.

Here is the apology :

“Schield has never intended to speak, in his images, about a such a serious problem; but we chose to delete the misunderstood image to demonstrate our earnest toward such an important and sad theme. we are sorry for the misunderstood.”

Having just gone on a massive rant below about UO and their taking the piss out of religious symbols and so on, I don't even have the blogging strength to get in a rant about this one. So I will let you get all offended on your own.

You angry yet?

Not even a little?

Ah go on!

You know you want to......

Urban Outfitters offend another religion by selling bedspreads......this is why :

Urban Outfitters are on a role.

Not content with pissing off a whole load of different religions and having to apologise, upsetting the Irish on St. Patricks day and mocking Hindus with socks, the company has now decided to take another dig at the Hindu religion.

With bedsheets.

Nothing says respectful like that.

There have been no apologies yet but apparently people are incredibly pissed off. So expect a blog post this week with a statement from UO calling out their own acts of stupidity as 'an oversight'.

In the meantime, this does raise questions about selling religious and cultural symbols as fashion items. A topic which is raised again and again. I recently saw (I think it may have been Topshop) a pentagram T-shirt (which is from the pagan religion of which I am a part of) for sale and while it didn't offend me horrifically, it did annoy me.

It annoyed me because people would wear it as a fashion symbol and not understand the symbolism behind what they were wearing. I then decided I wasn't allowed to be annoyed. The reason I am not allowed to be annoyed is because, do I not wear crosses on clothes? Is the cross not a symbol of another religion of which I do not belong? Yes. Yes it is.

However, I do understand how irritating it must be because the cross was EVERYWHERE on the high street for a while where as the pentagram is a new one. I have noticed people with pentagram rings lately as well. I wear a pentagram ring as a symbol of my part of the religion. I also wear it as a symbol to communicate with other pagans that I am a pagan should they want to talk to me. Which is really what all religious stuff is, a symbol to communicate to someone else the belief system that you belong to.

There are other signs of it on the high street : bindis, certain forms of head jewelry (I have no idea what the correct term is for that if someone else does then comment!) and dots drawn on by eyeliner. I did ask a young girl recently, who wore a pentagram ring if she was part of the religion, no and she didn't really even know what it was and bought it because, 'it looked cool.'

So we need to decide. Do we get all upset over somethings like socks with gods on them (again UO), but ignore stuff like cross shaped necklaces or pentagram t-shirts? Is it right to get on the bandwagon and get upset with UO for doing this while still shopping at Topshop? How pissed off do we get?

Or maybe, we stop buying it. Just stop doing it. That might be an idea!

Kat Von D foundation Review.

I'm always really grateful when I get the chance to try a foundation before I buy it. This is how I have found some truly amazing foundations and products over the years without having to wade through the really awful ones......

I got a chance to try the Kat Von D foundation recently. In fact, it was so recent that it was yesterday!

I was expecting it to be good given the reviews from various MUAs I have heard over the years. I was expecting great things. I am happy to report it lived up to the expectations!

I decided to try it on a day where it was raining because the foundation is meant to be water resistant. I was so excited about trying to get to work in the rain that I was almost pissed off when I left the house and it was dry. The foundation lasted all day, it didn't patch and actually matched my color pretty well. I had minimal issues with it - the only one being that it felt quite dry when I was applying it.

My usual foundation is BB cream by Bobbi Brown or Face and Body by MAC. However, F+B hasn't been sitting right and the BB cream has become a disaster. I have a bit of a trek to work and it literally pours out of my skin. I wipe my face when I get home and there is color leaking out of my pores. It's vile. I'm using it up then trying a different BB cream. I am always in the market for trying a new foundation.

I just wish the Kat Von D was more easily available in the UK. Currently, it is on and while this is great, given that they now deliver to the UK, I would have been lost without a mate giving me a try of her color so I knew which one I needed. Foundation is tricky to do when you have a whole range in front of you but its damn near impossible to tell with a new brand by just online. I am lucky that I am so pale that it usually is the first and lightest foundation that a brand offers!

The foundation is also available in concealer which I have heard good things about. Especially when it comes to tattoo coverage as well!  I am thinking about investing in both.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Learning my lesson : Things it has taken me ten years to realise.

As this is the last year of my 30s I have been thinking about all the tips and tricks I have learned over the years in terms of my personal make-up and skincare. Skincare is something that constantly changes over the course of a woman's life and I'm finally happy with a routine that has given me, almost perfect skin.

So I thought about the lessons I have learned and here are a few of them :

I used to think water was optional and diet coke was essential for  a healthy body. Now I cannot get enough water. I drink pints of it. This has led to a better more hydrated skin and a healthier body. Drink it by the pint if you can. This will also help with aging, energy and hangovers. I also mist my face with water as well which is poured into small spray containers.

I cannot have enough moisturiser. I go barefaced on my days off from work and re apply moisturiser several times a day. I bring it with me on flights. I apply serums during the day. It is worth investing in a good expensive one which is suited to your skin type and troubles. I swear by Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil. It has saved me from product burn (where a product has stripped your skin of oil because its more harsh then it should be) and from extremely dry skin.

There is a limited time in a girl's life where she can pull off the purple glitter eyeshadow and purple lip combo. Own it and work it while you can. Clubbing and bars in general are much more fun when you are wearing your emotions on your face. I don't miss the days where I had more make-up then sense on my face but now, I wear the shades and the glitters that accurately reflect where my head is at. Every girl should have at least one lipstick that you have to have a drink first in order to wear.

I avoid the sun when I can. I wear a strong SPF when on holiday and all my make-up has SPF in it. Granted not a strong SPF but I'm only walking from one building to another. This is the reason I avoid sunbeds. Sunbeds are a hotbed of hell. If you want the wrinkled skin of a leather faced Jordan then I suggest you try it. Why not. Otherwise, stay away and avoid it. I don't sunbathe either. I don't mind being pale - it's my skin color. If you wanna tan, fake it.

I work a lot, I study a lot and I also do a lot of other things too. This is the reason why my nights where I sit and watch junk TV and do a facial - are the best nights ever. As I am single, I sit in bed and apply product to my face and enjoy it. I don't need to justify that to anyone. I will clean my face, exfoliate, wear a mask, clean this off, apply serum and generally clean every last pore. I also do my nails. I go to bed rested and happy with this.

When I was younger, I loved a good strong coverage from a foundation. I wanted to feel as if my skin was a smooth one color with no texture. As I have gotten older, I have learned the lesson that skin is more healthy when you can see freckles, pores and texture. I want my skin dewy, healthy and shiny. A strong foundation will also clog pores and destroy your chances of being spot free as well. I do still have a strong coverage foundation but it is something that I wear on a night out only. If I have to do foundation then I wear something water based and light like Face and Body or an all in one light coverage like a BB cream.

I will not wear make-up going to college. I'm not trying to impress anyone or be noted for my mad skills at eyeliner so I use my college days to let my skin breathe. If I need a bit of something then I use a light powder. This gets in the way of me applying moisturiser at my desk - no really, I actually do that. I like to get a good shiny happy face going! I wear so much make-up for work that I enjoy my days off where I don't have to worry about my eyeliner, my foundation or my lipstick running, smearing or working its way onto my chin. I don't care because no one but the lady who sells me coffee or my office buddies see my face. I am not there to be noted for my awesome make-up but my awesome mental skills instead. My face is delighted about having a break.
- One of my make-up free days. Okay, yes, I am wearing mascara only!

It is worth noting what your skin is like. If its dry then you'll know not to use products for oily skin. Trust me on this one. I recently bought a MASSIVE bottle of cleanser designed for oily skin. Determined not to waste my money - I used it. Big mistake. I had burn marks (I call them burns because that is what they look like and feel like to me) on the tops of my cheeks which are most effected by my dehydrated skin. It was sore and product hurt. (Kiehl's got me through this) I had to reapply Kiehl's every five minutes to stop the pain. I wore light foundation and had to apply the serum over the foundation several times a day. So trust me when I say, know what you are. In the same way that if your skin is oily then a product for dry skin is not going to do jack shit for you. A MUA can only do so much if you do not tell her what your skin is like.

Readers of this blog will know how often I dye my hair and bleach it. I have to be really really really careful with conditioner. Once my hair is done, I immediately start the rehydration stage to get it ready for the next color. This means I use masks, strong conditioners and hair oils. My greatest trick? Leaving a conditioner in as long as possible. I use Bleach London for this at the minute. They sell a fantastic mask (reincarnation mask) in a silver tube. I will comb this through my dry hair then put it into a bun and leave it. I will leave it all day if I have to. True to form, when you wash it out then you will have shiny conditioned hair of the gods. Find a good mask that works for your hair type then abuse it.

Everyone has different skin types. I take skincare and make-up recommendations from mates. Who the hell doesn't? But I know that I need to speak to a professional before I buy or use it. People who claim to have dry skin may not be as dry as you or oily or whatever. Take the recommendation and speak to a professional. If he/she suggests that it is not for you then take their advice over the friends. Simply put, your friend is not an idiot - she is just a different person to you. I have lost track of the amount of people I speak to that take recommendations from mates, speak to me, choose the wrong product then speak to me again once their skin is destroyed. Learn from it.

I know we all know that eating junk food destroys you. However, it is worth noting what you allergic or intolerant to. My skin is much better since I cut out certain things. Eating things that your body cannot tolerate is a fast track to spots, congestion and other weird things. Get tested.

Know when to call in the big guns. I had acne when I was a teenager. I know, who doesn't??? However there is a difference between acne and teenage zits. I had acne. I did everything I could but finally I spoke to my doctor. He gave me tablets which helped to clear the acne and regulate my skin. To this day, if I come off the tablets, I give it three weeks before my face is worse then ever including my chest. I don't risk it now. So good skincare, water, sleep and healthy eating only take you so far. If your skin is painful and/or bringing you down and not clearing - speak to someone about it. It's worth it. I don't recommend this to everyone but I know the effect that acne has on your mind. It brings you down, it makes you feel worthless and it makes you less confident. No one should have to deal with that. Also, no one needs to.
 - I'm actually hiding my face in this picture because I had acne on my lower half of my face!

I wish someone had told me that not every trend going is your friend. There are certain things I cannot wear and it's taken me years to figure that out. Blue anywhere near my eyes is a massive mistake for me. I've tried and put in the groundwork and finally admitted defeat. I also know that I have to be careful with certain lengths of shorts and skirts as a tall person. I admitted defeat on heels last year due to an accident which left me with a broken pelvic bone. I have worn so many awful things over the years. Including a really bad obsession with hats, sequins and harem pants. Now I like comfortable things that don't last one season.

I really miss that head piece. God damn I miss it. It was from River it broke.

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